Missouri Ozark’s Resort - Koinania Valley Ranch
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Two hours SW of St Louis

Ozark Trail Shuttle

We provide shuttle services to overnight and thru hikers along the Ozark Trail in Missouri.

We will transport hikers to any of the trailheads in Missouri from Cuba to Poplar Bluff to West Plains area and any place in between.

On the OTA website it is Trace Creek, Middle Fork, & Taum Sauk Sections that we typically shuttle. Bell Mountain Wilderness is located in the Trace Creek section. Shuttles to these places cost less since they are closest to us, however we can shuttle to all the Trailheads.

Call 573-269-1193 (this is not a text-able number) or text at 405-403-9615. Email koinania@gmail.com to schedule a shuttle.

Shuttle rates start at $60 and includes 2 people for local trailheads. Contact us for rates for longer thru hikes, more distant trailheads, or larger groups. We offer the option to park your vehicle at our ranch rather than at the trailhead for $5/day.

We ask hikers to call and confirm their pick up reservation the night before.

Hikers pay in cash (our preferred choice) on the day of the shuttle or via Venmo on the day prior (as not all trailheads have cell reception).

Additionally, we provide lodging in one of our cabins at Koinania Valley Ranch Family Resort at discounted rates to those who include an overnight stay in their hiking itinerary. Shuttle fees may be added to total bill in lieu of cash payment.

For hikers booking a shuttle we also offer free overnight primitive camping sites along our private river front.

We are listed on the OTA (Ozark Trail Association) website as a shuttle service. Their website provides hikers with lots of great information about the trails in this area.