Missouri Ozark’s Resort - Koinania Valley Ranch
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Two hours SW of St Louis

Ranch Amenities

Mary’s Lake

A very unique feature of our ranch has to be our private “Mary’s Lake”. It is actually a 1/3 acre natural spring fed pond, and the crystal clear water pairs perfectly with the vegetation to create the most amazing colors. Stocked with fish (that are quite visible) & equipped with lazy paddle boats, this is the spot to be. You can stroll around it on the newly added path in honor of my mom, Mary. Whether you’re in the mood to put a worm on a hook or go fish watching on a lazy paddle boat cruise, the pond is quite simply a little slice of heaven in the Ozark Valley.

Ranch Animals

Since we are a working ranch we have a bull, cows and calves. We also have some Nigerian Dwarf milk goats, many chickens, and several ducks. (Ask us about the free-range eggs, milk and ice cream that we have available to purchase!) All the properties have lovable outdoor-only cats and you can meet our own Australian Shepherd mix, Bella.

Large yard

There is a large front yard that is perfect for a game of football, volleyball, or even an obstacle course.

Private River Frontage

Near the entrance of the property sits a hidden access “road” that leads to our private river frontage. This gravel beach has all the amenities that a private beach in the Ozark Valley could offer: Fishing, Swimming, Snorkeling, Lazy Rapids, Hammocks, Picnic Table, & plenty of waterside space for soaking in the sunlight and fresh air.

Natural Spring Hike

Follow the path behind Mary’s Lake and enjoy a mini-waterfall, seating for reflection and meditation, and enjoy spotting wildflowers and other flora and fauna.


Fully equipped playhouses provide your children with hours of imaginative play. It can be a fort in the Wild West, a cabin on the prarie, or a restaurant on the side of the road. Includes cooking toys, as well as other playthings suitable for outside play.