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Making improvements in the East Wing

What started as simply redoing the floor in the East Wing, quickly turned into a full-fledged kitchen remodel. We knew we wanted to redo the kitchen cabinets and put in a bigger stove so we decided to do it all in one fell swoop. The stove that was there worked fine, it just was small and made it harder to cook for as many people as that place could sleep. Jason found a steal of a deal on the stove and it included a dishwasher too! Woo-hoo! If there is anyone out there who hates doing dishes as much as I do, I knew they’d appreciate having a dishwasher when on vacation! LOL So we refigured the cabinets and were glad that we ended up with more storage space than before. We also put the fridge from our previous house in the new kitchen.

I wanted a narrower table in there and had been searching for quite a while but it was to no avail. So I suggested to Jason that we build a breakfast bar and he had the genius idea to make it a fold down breakfast bar like the tables he had built for our RV. Then when he was at a warehouse picking up the stackable barstools, he found the beautiful acacia wood dining table. And it was narrow enough! Win-win! He got some chairs to match too.

Over the course of a week, we emptied and tore out the cabinets, painted the whole room, installed the new cabinets and appliances, laid the new floor, built the fold down breakfast bar and put everything back in its place. Our kids even were sweet enough to make dinner for us on the night when things took longer than anticipated.

I am incredibly grateful for such a hardworking, creative hubby who can tackle these projects with me. I come up with an idea (often crazy idea, lol) and Jason makes it happen. We’re a lot like my parents in that respect.

So next time you stay in the East Wing, I hope you are pleasantly surprised by the changes we have made.

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